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A TAotFPD poll (such as it is)

So, Superwholock darlings, you may have noticed that my GIF series The Adventures of the Fixed Point Destinies has slowed a bit of late. (By which I mean there were once daily updates and now there’s about one every six months.)

Part of the reason for this was due to breath-taking levels of RL distractions (working seventy hour weeks is not conducive to GIF-making), but another part is that the story — which is perhaps two-thirds complete — is reaching the point where certain events must happen, yet there are not corresponding canon scenes to represent those events. (Damn you and your six episodes, Sherlock!) So what used to happen easily has gotten progressively more difficult. These are the perils of accidentally developing an actual plot.

This is where we hit the dilemma. I’m pretty sure the only way to continue properly at this point is to switch to written fanfic; that does sort of spoil the comic book effect of the whole series, but at least it could be done. (Probably with a few reaction GIFs mixed in for effect.) Alternatively, we could wait until S3 of Sherlock (for that is the real sticking point; eight seasons of Supernatural and three seasons of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who have provided most of what I need from them) and see if that will provide the footage necessary to bring it all around to completion.

So, because I’m an indecisive coward, I’m putting it to y’all. If you’d be so kind as to let me know in response to this post, or in reblog, or in inbox mail, or by carrier pigeon: shall we wait until more GIF material is available, or forge ahead with the story in written format?

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"This is impossible! If New York isn’t actually a fixed point, then there’s no reason the TARDIS shouldn’t be able to— wait, does anyone else sense an unusual amount of temporal energy in this forest?”
"Dude, I don’t care. One more dimensional hop and I’m gonna upchuck a perfectly good bacon cheeseburger. Take us back to London and let the psycho detective figure it out." (x)

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The Adventure of the Fixed Point Destinies (Recap III)

The Road So Far

Everyone’s lives sucked separately. Then their lives sucked together. And then, oh yes, there was more suckitude.

Having been contacted by Castiel, Dean, John, and the Doctor traveled via TARDIS to see Chuck the Prophet. Dean attempted to ease Chuck into the situation, but in spite of his (Dean’s) best effort, Chuck was nonetheless alarmed to discover that his new television script — a drama called ‘Sherlock’ — was ALSO based on reality. This alarm only increased when told that the Doctor was also real, given that his (the Doctor’s) story was not one of Chuck’s, but rather came from River Song’s TARDIS diary, which River herself had entrusted to Chuck for reasons unknown.

As John (in a strop) stepped outside for air, Chuck suggested to the Doctor that his post-Pond destructive tendencies were not what one would call a positive way to deal with the situation. Dean, now understanding that his brother and the Doctor’s friends were lost to the same angel, demanded assistance in Sam’s rescue while the Doctor insisted that nothing could be done about the 1938 New York fixed point. And thus Dean made the connection between the graves he and Sam had seen and the Ponds, and revealed to the Doctor that the Ponds’ coffins had been empty, effectively bringing the Doctor aboard Team Free Will.

Outside, John, trying to reconcile his existence as a character in a story, encountered Castiel, which did not do much for his mood. He (John) thereafter attempted to contact Sherlock, who was still in in his flat contemplating the mysteries he’d seen in the Doctor’s mind and therefore naturally did not answer the phone, causing an increasingly irritated John to dispatch Castiel to London as contact. This led to a Skype conference between between Sherlock and Castiel in 221B, and John and Chuck in Chuck’s house, wherein Sherlock concluded that Chuck, rather than being a prophet of the Lord, had instead at some point looked into the time vortex. He (Sherlock) then requested/demanded Chuck’s first drafts to examine for clues — and John discovered that the Doctor and Dean had headed off, leaving him (John) behind.

Meanwhile in 1938: Sam’s investigation of a crack in a back alley led to the discovery of River Song, who wanted a word with him. Before returning through the crack, she (River) warned him (Sam) that Lucifer was on his way, and if they were to change the future and save the universe, he (Sam) would have to be come Lucifer’s vessel.

Simultaneously — so to speak — the Doctor, giddy with the discovery that perhaps the Ponds were not lost in a fixed point after all, attempted (with Dean’s help) to modify the TARDIS to return to New York… causing a malfunction that flung them off into parts of time and space unknown.


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