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startraveller776 asked: OMG ARE YOU DOING NANO?? BECAUSE I SO AM.

I try to do NaNo every year, though whether I’ll be able to stick with it is another matter entirely :P I’ve only ever finished once.

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Dr. Seuss


Dr. Seuss cheerfully goes up to the counter.

He orders a frosty fluff iced tea flan flouter.

He stays very still

His drink remains chilled

He waits (very patient) for his cup to be filled.

He calls to the shop, “I speak for the teas, for the teas have no tongues.

“And I’m asking you, sir, at the top of my lungs,

“Why is my cup taking so long to fill?

“I’ve been standing here, waiting, with my five-dollar bill.”

And finally, after a long, quiet pause,

He lets out a series of hearty guffaws.

“I’m sorry, good sir,”

He cries out with a smile,

“It’s totally fine my drink’s taking a while.

“I’ll stand here and read, wearing nothing but tweed,

“And I know that my drink will be done with great speed.”

He stands and he waits,

And he waits,

And he waits,

And finally, now it’s a quarter to eight,

He hears the barista call out, “Theodore!”

Dr. Seuss stands up and goes for the door.

The barista calls out, “Good sir, here’s your drink!”

Dr. Seuss turns around and tries hard to think.

“I’m so sorry again,” he says with a smile,

“It’s just I’d forgotten my surname was Geisel.”

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